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Here are some of the plain and boring facts about us so that you can feel at ease while shopping with us. : )

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* All of our patterns are run through a thorough testing process and we are always happy to give customer support. The best and easiest way to contact us is on Etsy. We check our Convo's daily. :o)

* If you are worried about security reasons all pattern sales on this website are run through Ravelry an online Knit and Crochet community. If you haven't heard of it look it up! Or even better just press the link above. It is awesome. :o) and a very trusted site. It now has over 4 million members. 

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* If you see something in our shop. It was designed by one of us. The patterns were written by one of us. The pictures were taken by one of us. And if you contact us... that is who you will talk to - one of us. :o)

Hi! I am Lorin,

Thank you so much for coming by to meet the two sisters of Two Girls Patterns!

So something about myself....   Hmmmmm  What to say.....  Well I am the only girl in a houseful of boys.   Which I have grown to love, partly because my 4 year old tells me daily that I am the princess.  And who wouldn't love that.  :o)  But I do find that many of my designs tend toward the masculine, which I think is partly the reason that we have more boy options in our shop - it's what I know. 

My grandmother taught me to crochet.  It is one of my first memories of her, her trying to teach a little impatient me what to do.  But I finally got it and I have loved it ever since. 

Hi! I am Kris,

    Since I am left handed I didn't learn to crochet from grandma, I have good old Youtube and an old friend to thank for that. :o) No worries though, since Lorin is right handed and I am left handed we have been able to assure our patterns work for both left and right handed individuals. 

    I have always loved to create things and since I have four children they have provided me with inspiration and the excuse to create to my hearts content!  ...... and I can't leave out my long suffering husband! He has never complained when I purchased that thousandth skein of yarn or piece of fabric, I "needed"! : )


    While checking out at a local craft store with more yarn and fabric recently, I told the clerk that I thought I had a "sickness" and she gave me a wise piece of advise. "Yarn is cheaper than diamonds"! ...........Heee Hee :o) Love it! :o)