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Hi, we are the two Girls from TwoGirlsPatterns
Hi! I am Lorin,

    Thank you so much for coming by to meet the two sisters of Two Girls Patterns!


    So something about myself....   Hmmmmm  What to say.....  Well I am the only girl in a houseful of boys.   Which I have grown to love, partly because my 4 year old tells me daily that I am the princess.  And who wouldn't love that.  :o)  But I do find that many of my designs tend toward the masculine, which I think is partly the reason that we have more boy options in our shop - it's what I know.  


    Our grandmother taught me to crochet.  It is one of my first memories of her, her trying to teach a little impatient me what to do.  But I finally got it and I have loved it ever since.  

Hi! I am Kris,

    Since I am left handed I didn't learn to crochet from grandma, I have good old Youtube and an old friend to thank for that. :o) No worries though, since Lorin is right handed and I am left handed we have been able to assure our patterns work for both left and right handed individuals. 

    I have always loved to create things and since I have four children they have provided me with inspiration and the excuse to create to my hearts content!  ...... and I can't leave out my long suffering husband! He has never complained when I purchased that thousandth skein of yarn or piece of fabric, I "needed"! : )


    While checking out at a local craft store with more yarn and fabric recently, I told the clerk that I thought I had a "sickness" and she gave me a wise piece of advise. "Yarn is cheaper than diamonds"! ...........Heee Hee :o) Love it! :o) 



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