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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Okay so I know that this is barely a crochet pattern,  But these guys were just too cute and I couldn’t help myself.

For this tutorial you will need:

1 Fork Scrap yarn in 2 different colors 2 googly eyes (I found mine at dollar tree, you get a good size bag for a dollar) Glue (I just used Elmers glue, but I am sure that fabric glue or most any craft glue would work well.) Scissors 1 Jumbo Paper Clip Size 2.00mm Crochet hook or if you would like a bigger bow or bow tie 3.50 mm hook

Step 1:  Wrap main color yarn around fork 40 times.

Step 2:  Slide paper clip into the center of the 40 wraps by sliding it along the fork.   Make sure to insert it with the bottom side of the paper clip going in.  (Sorry I think of it as the bottom of the paper clip, but I am talking about the side with only one loop)

Step 3.  With a foot long piece of  yarn the same color,  tie a knot around your 40 loops, by inserting it in between the center prongs of the fork making sure to only catch the bottom of the paper clip.

Step 4:  Slide the entire piece off fork.

Step 5: Pull knot very tight, and then double knot.

Step 6:  Slide you scissors into the loops and cut to make pom pom.

Step 7:  Now our little guy needs a hair cut.

​ ​

Step 8: So give him one.

Step 9: There is a good chance that our pom pom might be a little wobbly on the top of his paper clip, if it is, then take another foot long piece or so and make a loose knot around the entire paper clip.

Step 10:  Slide the yarn up to the pom pom, pull your knot very tight, and then knot again to make a double knot. Trim ends to hide them. (I took the picture before I trimmed the ends)

​Bow Tie:

Hair bow directions are at the end of post.

To make the bow tie,

You want to start with contrasting color yarn and a 2.00mm crochet hook, and make sure to have a decently long tail. (If you would like a bigger bow tie like the one on the orange guy on the top picture us a 3.50mm hook.)

Ch 3, slip stitch into 3rd ch from hook to make a foundation ring (the entire bow will be worked into this ring).

Ch 2, 1 hdc into ring, ch 2, slip stich into ring. (First side of bow made)

Ch 2, 1 hdc into ring, ch 2, slip stitch into ring, (second side of bow made), fasten off leaving a 10 inch tail. You should end up with a piece that looks like this.