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Emily's Scarf - Level one beginner pattern

I really love this scarf. It is very comfortable and adjustable. You can get it to lay just right because of all of the different chains. And all of our tail ends end up looking like a fringe along the bottom. And it is so quick and easy to make you can have one in every color.

Even more than how cute it is, I love this scarf because it is an AMAZING getting started pattern because:

1: It gives you 10 times to start with a slip knot, practice chain stitches, and fasten off.

2: You don't have to worry at all about your tension. When we are starting out it is really easy to have some stitches really tight, others really loose, and every variation in between. But no worries with this scarf, because it hides it if you have some really tight chains and some really loose chains. I would say just go with it and it will look great.

3: You don't have to worry about counting stitches or gauge. We just make a chain to a certain length. However many stitches it takes you to get there is the correct amount.

4: No weaving in ends. Our tail ends add to the look of the scarf.

Emily's Scarf Pattern

To Learn all of the skills you need to make this pattern check out our free lesson.

Materials and Tools:

Super Bulky weight yarn

Q size hook


Step 1:

We want to make a chain that is about 5 ft long. This doesn't have to be exact. It is just how long the scarf will be before we tie it. So anything that is about 5 foot or longer and even a little shorter is fine. I am 5 foot three inches tall. I just make it so it reaches from tip of my fingers on one hand to the tips of my fingers on the other hand and that gets me about 5 ft. If you are someone who would rather measure - 5 foot exactly is a very nice length for this scarf.

Step 2: Make 9 more 5 foot long chains

Step 3: Lay all 10 chains lengthwise together. You will notice that all of my chains are not the exact same length. I did that on purpose just to show that is okay. It really does not matter.

Step 4: Fold them in half like they are a scarf. Like in the picture below.

Step 5: Now we are just going to tie them in a knot.

Step 6: Now Tie Another Knot.

Step 7: Pull everything tight to make it look pretty.

Step 8: This step is optional. But you can trim your ends. If you try the scarf on and one chain is too long. Or you would rather all the chains be shorter. You can just cut the chain and pull the loose yarn end tight and it will fasten itself off and give you a new tail. This might seem scary but actually works really easily.

Step 9: Trim your tail ends. This step is also option but I like to trim all of my tail ends to be about the same length. In the video I trim them to be about 2 inches long. But in the pictures I kept them all pretty long. Which I really like too. But it does look nice to trim them all to be the same length.

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