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Envelope Tutorial

For this gift card you will need:

- Page one Pdf printed on card stock the color that you would like the outside of the envelope to be.

- Page two Pdf printed on card stock the color that you would like the inside of the envelope to be and your card to be.

- Glue ( I like to use rubber cement for this project, so the directions mention steps that are needed for rubber cement, and maybe not for other glues. )

- Scizzors

- Something heavy and flat to press your card when we are finished. I just use some books. :o)

So first you will need to print out the two pdf's. Just click on the links below and they will take you to a page that you can print from.

Envelope Page One

Envelope Page Two

Once we have our pieces printed up we need to decide if we want the blank card or the "For You" card.

Then we need to cut out all of our pieces. I like to try and cut just inside of the dotted lines. You want to make sure and only cut the outer lines on the envelope piece. You want the pieces to look like the ones below when cut out.

Now we want to line up the top two pieces in the picture above to look like the picture below and glue them together.

Now we need to line up the remaining two pieces to look like the picture below and glue them together. TaaDaa!!!!! Card made.

We want to fold the flaps in on both sides at the dotted lines. And glue just where they overlap.

Waiting for the glue to dry... so I thought I would take a picture of where I put the glue. :)

Now it's dry and the two sides are pressed together.

Next fold up the bottom flap on the dotted line. And glue just where the bottom flap overlaps the side flaps.

Next fold the top flap down.

At this point I like to take my card and put it in my envelope and press the entire thing between a couple of books for a little while. Usually just while I am wrapping my gift. it is Easy Peasy and makes everything look nice - kind of like blocking your crochet piece. ;)

When it comes to closing the envelope later on there are several ways to do this. I like rubber cement because if you seal it together without letting each side dry it makes a little less secure bind and opens easily. Our you could use double sided tape. Or a sticker of some sort. Or just fold the top flap inside. Or whatever wonderful idea you can come up with. :)

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